C/O '01
C/O '01
1. Why is there a 20 year reunion for 4 different graduating classes?
Since it's less than a year out, we found it more feasible to host a multi-class reunion to help offset costs as well as to allow chance for other classes, who missed their 20 yr or is nearing their benchmark, to be able to celebrate and reunite as well.
2. Class of '98 and '01 never attended class at the same time, so essentially that gap will be mostly complete strangers. And let's say everyone attended, you prepared to host 1200 people?
We hear your point but you can be a part of the same graduating class and still be strangers. Let's be honest, a number of us didn't even associate when we were in attendance "together" at BHS. We're promoting alumni unity as a whole and allotting alumni from surrounding classes the chance to reconnect or even to connect for the first time. By doing this, we're working together to make "something" happen" for "all of us that want something to happen". Otherwise, we would all more than likely still be waiting around for seemingly nothing to happen. Various people from our class have tried to get the reunion planning started over the last year and the lack of interest and/or participation has landed us in our milestone year with no plans in place. The other classes situation aren't much different. In less than a month of pulling the classes together, we've seen actual "progress". A multi class reunion is different, yes. It's not the first one to be held by BHS Alumni. C/O 80 something hosted a multi year reunion, which celebrated at least half a decade worth of classes, in June of 2019...right here on the gulf coast. It was overly successful as many of us saw from social networking and heard from the alumni in attendance. It was orchestrated by a normal sized, organized committee, not an organization. We can handle this as long as we have alumni participation. Have faith. Hope to see you there! 🙂
3. Why are the ticket costs so high?
The tickets are actually $85.97 for the entire weekend.Transaction fees are making the prices a bit higher. If you would like to pay slightly lower transaction fees via Paypal or Cashapp the ticket total will be $88.07/pp. Please contact us in writing at BHSmulticlassreunion@gmail.com to do so.
4. Does the ticket cover children and spouses?
Each pass covers (1) adult for entry to the Bonfire/Luau, The Walk Down Memory Lane, & The Roaring 90's Cocktail Party. Children may attend the Bonfire and The Walk Down Memory Lane free of charge but they will not be permitted at the The Roaring 90's Cocktail Party.